Meagan Lanchbery

Job titles have never really gotten along with Meagan.  A self described generalist, she takes on anything that is thrown her way.  Her many hats have included customer service, technical writing, IT support, and beyond.  Outside of the 9-5, Meagan is a musician and songwriter.

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Jeff Wilson

With 25 years of marketing experience, Jeff has spent much of his professional life contemplating brand, communications, and the psychology of marketing in the world of cellular retail.  Jeff is thrilled to reside again in his home country of Canada.  His personal time is spent on the tranquil shores of the Atlantic, immersing himself in a landscape that is rich, serene, picturesque, and ideal for hiding evidence.

When not volunteering as a balloon animal rights activist, Jeff spends his free time writing, cooking, playing guitar, poker and golf.  Simultaneously.

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Eri Bastos

Eri is a computer geek, dog lover, and enthusiastic cook who is sure Batman can beat Superman any time.

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Jennifer Kirkey

The position of Plan Management Analyst is not one that is easily described, which is one of the reasons why it appeals to Jennifer. Her background in accounting tends to be utilized when adding spiffs and SOCs to the templates; but her retail and customer service experience is what really helps her to connect to her clients. When she’s not at work she can usually be found at the nearest coffee shop, feeding her caffeine and knitting addictions at the same time.

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Tom Jackson

Tom thinks that the right people + the right technology = great results.  He has been working with good people and selling or marketing good technology for the last 20 years or so.  Except for that one time, way back when, where the people were weird and the product only existed on paper.  Good times.  Outside the office, Tom is an expert soccer Dad and volunteers as the Director of Marketing for the club.

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Ben Goodspeed

Ben is a software developer with a number of hobbies that are likely to land him on a government watch list, including aviation, lock picking and target shooting.

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Crystal O’Hara

A geek at heart, Crystal has a passion for the gadget world.  She has spent most of her working years in retail and can customer-service your brains out.   WhuaCha!!

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